• Letters to Stanford



36 H P M

3rd August,'74

My dear Derek,

Many thanks yrs Friday.

Arethusa and I have had a wonderful time
together. Today I went with her to her Aunt
Peggy's near Caterham.

Peggy is a very nice woman. I think I
married the wrong sister,incidentally,but that’s
by the way. I enclose some details of her
cottage in Ireland,near Patricia’s house,which
is available for letting. Would you and Peggie
be interested ? It’s a really beautiful area -
a lot of retired English people have settled
there. Or you might know someone who would be
interested. Would you mind returning details
and photos, as I want to show them around ? (I
can assure you that Peggy Hutchins is absolutely
reliable in business dealings.)

Re Cis and Gareth,and lunch on Fri,9th -
yes,I think that’s a distinct possibility. Will
tell you definitely when we meet at V and A
Library next Wednes.,7th.
Love to you both -

1974 Aug 3rd
Arethusa, Peggy
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