• Letters to Stanford


3 6 H P M

31 xxx July, 74

My dear Derek,

Thanks yrs 30th.

I enclose another cutting of yr "I.T." xxxxxx
review - Arethasa brought a copy over with her
last Saturday. She seems in good form but
rather thin,not much of an advertisement for
Patricia’s health theories. But we get on
splendidly. Her meeting with Berta was a

I agree with what you say about my
reprieve re 36. Just as well THE TIMES advt
didn’t appear/despite all my efforts. The
best-laid plans o’ mice.......and later we’re
glad they went wrong.

Yes,I hope you follow up your I.T. debut.
It and HIBERNIA are the papers in Ireland.

More books from 'B and B',thankfully not

The first week of Herta’s visit was
very trying. Her hotel, suggested by the
Linguists’ Club where she was having 5 hrs
classes daily,was scruffy and depressing. And
people made all kinds of mistakes. But from
the time I managed to get her into a really
good hotel near Queensway (the Post House)
everything improved. Our relationship has
deepened. Well,we shall see what the future
holds xxxx xxxxx after my visit to xxxx

1974 Jul 31st
Arethusa, Hibernia
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