• Letters to Stanford


36 Holland Park Mews, W.11.
4th Jan ‘74
My dear Derek,
Many thanks for yrs of 3rd.
Quite agree with yr assessment of Ewart. He really excels in sexy satirical-fantasy. A nice lad, too. And a kind of Hon. Ulsterman (Honest of otherwise) .
My friend in S.F. has sent me a big biography of Malcolm Lowry. What a boy! He out-Dylans D.T. in some ways: drink, violence, scrapes with the police. But it was all dispersed over several countries. Lowry seemed to be proving that anything a Celt could do an Englishman also could.
Glad you found the new Fox intriguing. The Captain is a dark horse indeed. Now since I last wrote I had a letter from one Peter Fallon who runs the Gallery Press in Dublin. I’d read about their books of poetry in the IRISH TIMES. I sent him 12 Fox poems plus about 20 others (almost all written in the last 2 or 3 yrs). Back they all came with expression of deep regret, partly because of commitments and

1974 Jan 4th
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