• Letters to Stanford


36 H P M
16. 11.73
My dear Derek,
I’ve been reading the new HIBERNIA and, as frequently, think that John Broderick’s fiction review is the best piece in the paper. I’d be interested to hear your opinion. Haven’t seen anything by Broderick on any subject other than novels, but am very taken both by his judgments and wit. Most of the others seem worthy but dull. Don’t know who Broderick is or his background, but think I once saw that he lectures on Eng Lit at T.C.D. or U.C.D. Anyways, I’d like to know how you react.
Sent you a photocopy of the TRIB notice and was glad to see the book advertised in today’s TLS. Ran into our sex kitten (?) yesterday at Gaston’s and had a drink with her. She recited a couple of poems that were quite funny – frightfully clever, and I told her about an erotic dream. Then she confessed that yr book had gone to the wrong person, which of course you already know.
I saw in the current TRIB why I

1973 Nov 16th
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