• Letters to Stanford


No. 36
29th October, ‘73
My dear Derek,
I re-read yr letter and then saw the P.S. Certainly, I’d be v. pleased to help with B.M. research. Let me know the details.
I got a big parcel of assorted books from Frank a few days ago – the first for a couple of months. Expect he wanted to work off those reviews he had.
Yes, if Shire prefer an impersonal approach I can as easily do it that way. Anyway, that was about the only personal reference I intended. I can hardly give a first-hand impression of Carson’s cross-examination of Oscar Wilde!
Interesting that you had tea with Kay D the other day. She helped me a lot “when I was four-and-twenty” – my first book is dedicated to het. Glad to hear John S is well and prosperous.
Love to you both –

1973 Oct 29th
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