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Glad to hear about yr Quartier Latin idea. Sounds attractive.
36 H P M
4th Sept, ‘73
My dear Derek,
Many thanks for card (postmarked 1 Sept and delivered 4 Sept – despite 3p stamp).
So it’s early Oct…Well, that explains why review copies hadn’t been sent out when I enquired at B and B Trib.
Quebec St. Perhaps it was the Quebecois Freedom Fighters not the Provos. You notice that the East End underworld is learning about bombs. Listening to programme about ’41 – sirens and bombs crashing. I think the media blew up the recent bombs into something too big when one thinks of what happened during the Blitz. (The 2 big blitzes on Belfast accounted for about 600 dead, fewer than have been killed in the past 4 years.)
Hope the good weather lasts for your holiday. Love to you both –

1973 Sep 4th
Quebec, Bombs, Belfast
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