• Letters to Stanford


36 H P M 25 July 73
My dear Derek,
Many thanks for your letter.
So glad that Miss Ramage turned out O.K., as I thought she would. I met her when Clifford Dyment’s sister was disposing of some of C’s books and thought she made some quite reasonable offers. She kindly put up a notice about my writing Group.
Peter Porter seems to have offered us consolation prizes. Better than nowt.
You are v. generous in your criticism of the latest Capt. Fox and I appreciate yr detailed comments. Editors at large don’t seem to go overboard for Fox. Some have complimented me but have declined to publish. Still, one keeps on. “The blood is strong, the heart is Highland…” (My mother’s clan, the Macraes – “the wild Macraes” – were centered on Ross-shire.)
Love to you both –

1973 Jul 25th
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