• Letters to Stanford


36 Holland. Park Mews,W. 11.

4th June, xxxx 1973

My dear Derek,

Many thanks for yr letter and card.

THE PORTRAIT GAME is based on a book
I reviewed recently (for B and B ). It
looks as if every poem now has to be a
Fox one,though God Knows that little
enough interest has been shown in them
except by a handful of people of whom you
are one.

HARROW SONGS sounds xxxxx interesting
and is probably fairly valuable.

Thanks for yr comments re E'burgh
interview. I certainly think I cd make a
success of the Aberdeen post. So we shall
see... I wonder whether you'll hear from
them. Anyway,it's good that they know
about you - and of course they know you
are a SCOTSMAN stalwart. (Sorry to be
pedantic - I was born in Londonderry not
B'fast;a much more beautiful and historic
city, and - after the xxxxxx recent local
elections - Now under Catholic control.)

1973 Jun 4th
Aberdeen, Londonderry
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