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Cor. With Eileen O'Casey
re french Translations

6th December 1977

Dear Eileen,

I should have- written to you before this, but I have been
finishing a new play; my wife has been in hospital for a
minor operation and 1 have been visiting her every day and
evening, air. attending hospital myself for eye trouble -
not serious.

First I want to thankk you for putting me in touch with
Emile Dumay, who has just completed a translation of
The Flats and seems very pleased with it. I have not of
course read it yet. However, a couple of french theatres are
already interested in it. It was very kind indeed of you
to mention my name to . Dumay. My trouble about marketing
my play, is that I have not an Agent, and it's time that I
got one.

The other thing I wanted to tell you was that 'The Plough'
is doing tremedous business at The lyric. The theatre is
packed and the audiences art most enthusiastic. I understand
there was an article in 'The Listener' comparing the lyric
production with the National Theatre(London) production, but
I haven't read it yet. Probabiy you have. 'Juno' also got
an excellent reception during its short visit here. So, all in
all, it has been an o'Casey time in Belfast.

I hope we can meet on my next visit to Dublin, and that you will
have a meal with me somewhere; the fact is I have been so
busy here I have hardly got beyond the suburbs of belfast.
when I am tempted to go on a trip, 1 remember Sean's words
'Get on with the bloody play'!

With many thanks again, and very best wishes for
Christmas to your self - and all the family.

Yours ever,

Mrs.Eileen O'Casey,
15 Mulgrave Terrace,
C.O. Dubin.

John Boyd
1977 Dec 6th
Play, Dublin
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