• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


with me admitted. Sam Wells was around and many others of the quarrelsome Scots intellectuals. Much whisky was drunk. I returned on the Sunday and left them to their closed bars and hangovers. Am too busy at the moment as I'm behindhand with the astrology book; have hardly started on my B.B.C. work and tomorrow go to Cambridge to give the first of my series of what they call Clark Lectures. And there are other oddments screaming to be done. Is George well enough to read? I don't mean letters but books. If so, I could gather some reading matter for him. John Gibson is just about to go over, so may be getting in touch with you. Must stop now. Much love to you both, Louis. P.S. Laurence was allowed quarter bottles of Champagne. Do the City Hospital also allow that?

Louis MacNeice
1963 Feb 27th
B.B.C, Cambridge
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