• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


permanent guest in a sort of super­fraternity; the other snag is their last meal is 6.15 so I

sit gnawing myself with hunger during the night. Monday last I was lecturing in Montréal

which I thought pretty grim but I met some Canadian nationalist boys and sat up drinking

with them all night.

In Ithaca on the other hand, I am very abstinent and industrious. Harriet Cohen turned up

in this house yesterday; America is full of surprises.

New York I met Liam O'Flaherty and Wyndham Lewis, both of whom I had slightly

impudent words with. Andrew is now living a very retiring, routinal life in Brooklyn with a

wonderful view of The lower Manhattan skyscrapers; he is getting naturalised. I don't

think I should want to do that myself. Sufficient unto the day. Yeats is still not finished but

I find I have overshot the length in my innocence (seems I have done about 120,000


I hear you asked Dan over to stay a weekend which is terribly nice of you. He

Louis MacNeice
1939 Feb 28th
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