• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


Isle of Wight but as from No. 2
Dec. 31st
Dear George, Firstly, many thanks to Mercy and yourself for the Xmas card. 2ndly, I'm crossing to Dublin on July 18th to cover the Wallabies match for the Observer. Is there any chance of you being there for it? (I don't yet know where I'll be staying but could adjust that accordingly). 3rdly re the English match at Twickenham, for which I've not yet got any tickets, is there any chance of your procuring any for me your end? (I could do with at least 4 of them!) We spent Xmas at home on whiskey and an iron lung of Guinness and moved to our little grey house in colt'sfoot last Saturday; are returning this Friday. Tonight we go to a New Year's Eve party at J.B. Priestly's. I gather you met Jack Dillon in

Louis MacNeice
1962 Dec 31st
Wallabies, Twickenham
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