• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


Mercy darling, Thank you v. much for the beautiful handkerchief. I enclose a cheque made out to Chas. Lavery for any bottles you might fancy for this double household do (couldn't remember the brother's Christian name but hope this will serve). H. had an idea that she might come back, leaving Bimba with you, middle of next week and that I might then replace her. I would like this but, if we did it I think Bimba and I ought to be P.G.’s. It would suit me best to cross Thursday night thought I could make it Wednesday night. Anyhow a message could be left for me at Langham 4411 Wednesday morning. LOVE AND HAPPY XMAS TO ALL. Louis.

[Postcard text] NATIONAL GALLERY BRUEGHEL, Jan the Elder (1568-1625) Card No. 1168 The Adoration of the Kings (3547) Printed in Great Britain for the Trustees by Henry Stone and Son (Printers) L.t.d., Banbury

Louis MacNeice
1962 Dec
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