• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


Belfast not so long ago. He was much taken with the Crown. Bimba has become full of generalisation e.g. 'Good people are never interesting; All interesting people are bad; Creative people are atrociously bad'. I have just had a programme suggestion accepted for All Fools' Day; the object is to lacerate the worlds of a) literature and b) journalism. I thought of calling it Angry Old Aunt. Hedli is in good form, except for a troublesome throat. She has a scheme on foot for a programme of German ballads illustrating German history (Old Ersnt Stahl by the way came to us for Xmas and we sang 'Marching to Pretoria'.) Must stop now and empty the Cess Bucket. Do try and make Dublin. Love to you both Louis.

Louis MacNeice
1962 Dec 31st
Belfast, German
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