• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 20



in the exciting smell of the docks, a mixture of sea and oil and
sacks. He walked, swinging his case, enjoying the bustle and
movement around him.

Standing beside the Liverpool shed was D Sadie. He ran the last
few yards to reach her.

"So you managed to come and see me off?"

"Did you think I wouldn’t?"


"Anyway, I haven't come to see you off. I'm coming with you."
He was looking at her in amazement. She added anxiously, "You don't
mind, do you?"

"Mind?" He put down his suitcase and lifted her up and whirled
her round till she was breathless with laughter. "That's the best
news I've had in months.B But where's your luggage?"

"I couldn't walk out of the house with a case could I now?
You'll have to take me as I stand. But I've bought my ticket."
She took the piece of paper from her pocket and held it out.

"Come on then," said Kevin. "What are we waiting for?"

"Nothing," said Sadie. "Nothing at all."

KevinHe took her hand and together they walked across the shed
to the white, waiting ship.

Joan Lingard
Liverpool, Ship
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