• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 12



changed your tune a bit these last few years."

"There's some never sing anything but the one note all their lives!"

She walked off before he had the chance to reply. She liked to
have the last word, she knew it full well, but who better to have it
with than someone like Steve?

Linda was waiting at the bus stop. They ignored one another in
the queue but when they got on to the bus Linda came and sat beside

"I didn't really mean what I said last night, "said Linda.

"Why say it then?" snapped Sadie. She looked out of the window
the rest of the way in to town. She was not going to give Linda Mullet any satisfaction. Brede McCoy was worth ten of her. Linda talkedchattered on regardlessly.

Sadiet tried to lose her at the City Hall but Linda could bewas
persistent. She kept in step with Sadie all the way along the street
to the shop where Sadie worked. Had worked. She was going to have to
go inside now, pretend that she still did work there. Linda workedwas a typist
in an office a few yards further on.

"Will I see you at lunch time?" asked Linda.

"I'm busy for lunch."

Sadie left her abruptly and went in through the side entrance for
employees. She met the head of the hat department inside the door.

"What do you think you're doing here?"

"Just taking a last nostalgic look," said Sadie and walked out
again. She saw the rear view of Linda disappearing into the crowd.

Sadie turned and walked back along to the City Hall. She supposed
she should go to the Labour Exchange and try to get a job but they

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