• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 12



A. number of people had gathered in the street already. They were mostlyMost of them were
running about shouting. Mr Mullet was there waving his

"Sadie, go quickrun and findget a noliceman," said Tommy.

Sadie went. One did not have to go far without encountering a
policeman or soldier. She found the two policmen in the main street.
They had heard the explosion and were coming to investigate.

Within several minutes the narrow street was filled with fire
engines, police cars and people. The police ordered the spectators
out of the street and began to evacuate the families in the houses
near Mrs McConkeys's shop.

The Jacksons and the Mullets retreated round the corner to stand.They stood
in front of the Jacksons' house andto await news. Fresh rumours
came with every person who passed. The shop had been blown up
by gelignite, a petrol bomb, three petrol bombs... Four masked men
had been seen in the street. Mrs McConkey was dead. Mrs McConkey
had been rushed to hospital. Mrs McConkey had not been found.

"God help us all," said Mrs MulletJackson. "It could be our turn next."

Sadie thought of Mr Blake in his nice quiet house. She wished
she could get away from this street. She uesused to enjoy it, the
life and movement, of people and always someone standing in a door-
way ready to pass the time of day.

"Shall I go in and make us allWhat about a cup of tea?" she asked.

Her mother turned to her in surprise, "What's up with you? Offering
to make tea?"

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