• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 12



The Mullets ushered their daughter out before she could get a
chance to protest. kakxx

"Good riddance to bad rubbish!" declared Sadie.

"That'll do, Sadie," aid her mother. "There's no need to cause any
more trouble. We've enough as it is."

"But the cheek of them suggesting Brede McCoy was coming round here
to help blow up Mrs HcConkey!"

"And what was Brede McCoy doing round here?"

"I told you before:it was private."

"That's not a good enough answer."

"It'll have to do," said Sadie. and She left the kitchen and went
up to bed.

In the morning her mother was tight-lipped and silent. Sadie ate
her breakfast and left the house at the usual time. She went round to the
next street. On the corner was a blackened shell that had once been
a shop. The adjoining house was slightly damaged and there waswere signs
of a hasty removal.

As she stood x on the pavement she saw Steve coming along xxtkxkx
on his way to work. She was goingabout to move away when he called her.

"Bad bit work of that, eh?" She agreed, and he said,"They'll not
get away with it."

"What's the point in going on? They'll just come back again.
It could go on forever."

"You're wrong! There's more of us. Anyway, Sadie Jackson, you've

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