• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 8



A church clock chimed three, and for the first time x Sadie thought
of her mother and father. She had forgotten them completely.

"We'll leave Sadie home first, will we, Kevin?" suggested Uncle

"No,no," said Kevin hastily. "I’ll leave her home. You'd better
get on back to your own house. Aunt Patsy'll be wondering where you

"Sure she knows better than to worry about me. But if that's the
way you want it! You're only young once, eh Kevin?" Uncle Albert chuckled and took his arm from Sadie's "Good night then, Sadie. It's been a real pleasurenice
to meet you."

"You too , Mr McCoy."


"And the next time I give you a lift I'll see to it that the ould
car doesn't let us down again."

HeUncle Albert left them. Sadie and Kevin waited until he had gone from sight
so that he would not see which direction they were taking.

"I liked your Uncle Albert," said Sadie.

"He's a good-natured soul. But he's a real trial of aawful husband."

"I could imagine that]"

They turned along the main road which xxxx xxxled to Sadie's street.
She drew in her breath.

"Kevin, there's three men coming." He looked and saw them too. They
were still a good way off. "Don't you think you should go?" said

"And leave you alone?"

"I'll be all right."

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Church, Soul
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