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23rd June 1977

Dear Professor Frechet,

I enclose the latest issue of Threshold, and hope that you will find
its contents interesting

My latest play called The Street was produced in The Lyric Theatre
this Spring. I think I can say that it was successful both with
reviewers and the public. Myself, I had reservations about the
actual production - there were some cuts made in the text which were

Recently I had a letter from Dan Pyper, a friend of mine whom, I
understand is a very old friend of yours. he is in good form,
and I think contemplating retirement, although I find it hard to
think of such an energetic person retiring.

I wonder could you kindly give me some advice. I am anxious for
The Flats to be translated into French, and was wondering how I could
get in touch with some translator, familiar with the Irish literary
scene, possibly one of the translators of O'Casey's plays. Do you
happen to know any of them? Or are you yourself by any chance
interested in translating the play and have the time and inclination
to do so? If so, I should be honoured. I hope you don't mind my
asking you for this advice. The truth is that once a play of mine
is produced I tend to lose interest in it because I am already half
way through the next one!Up too now only "The Flats" has been
published, and I have had three play performed since then. I
hope, therefore, to have these three plays published reasonably soon
as I find that publication is the best way to attract new productions
an translations.

With best wishes to yourself and your wife,

Yours sincerely,

(John Boyd)

Professor Rene Frechet,
5 Villa d'Arcueil,
92170 Vanves,

John Boyd
1977 Jun 23rd
Threshold, Lyric, Flats
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