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Reference JB/MM

14th June 1965.

Dear Margaret,

I should have sent you these photographs before now
but omitted to do so. They got temporarily mislaid I fear.
However, I have found them in a drawer and am hastening to
rectify my lamentable omission. I do hope you will forgive
me. I think they turned out quite well.

I have had letters from John D. and I understand he
is coming back to Ireland this summer. What Joan and his
future plans will be God only knows - because I do not!

I have an idea nevertheless that he will settle in Ireland
because Ireland is a good country to settle in, he has plenty
of friends here, and his writing market is mostly here. I
will be delighted, of course, to have him around.

I understand that Eve has become engaged to the young
man whom I think she was nearly engaged to before - the
Professor's son - but I am very vague about young men I do
not know.

I hope you are all well in your distant island.

Anyhow please excuse this brief note as I am just back from a
long trip to the West of Ireland doing programmes on the
famous poet - W.B. Yeats - whose centenary it is.

With very best wishes to you and your family,

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Margaret Barwick,
Judge's Residence,
Gilbert and Ellice Island Colony,

John Boyd
1965 Jun 14th
God, W.B. Yeats
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