• To Boyd


12 St Martin's Close London NW10HR
Dear John, What must you think of me never answering your kind letter in April? I had just come across a letter I wrote in reply from the convalescent house in Clacton. For some reason I never got it posted! I was still rather dazed form the effect of drugs and not at all clear what I was doing. I hated the place anyway and go out before I was due. From there I went to stay with a friend in a flat in London for a couple of weeks before returning to the responsibilities of my own menage in the middle of May. Since then I have been getting stronger all the time, but still have to be careful and rest when I get tired. I was very glad you were able to persuade Sean O'Faolain – it seems to be all straightened out now and I hear that publication date is fixed for Sept 28th. Peter Campbell has suggested to Stephen Heart that one of the programmes (possibly Joyce?) should be repeated on Radio 3 around that time, but of course, it's only a suggestion! I realised that the climate is not any better now for doing a programme on Bertie than it was in March – far worse, if anything. After the terrible events on Friday I rang Nini to see if they were all right, about to ask about Mercy as we heard there was a bomb in Botanic Avenue. Nini said they were O.K. and she thought Mercy was, but I will try to write to her now. Harden is still in hospital in Dublin after a miscarriage! And you yourself, how are you? I just don't know how any of you carry on in those conditions. Any chance of you coming over here soon? Did your play ever get put on at the Unity Theatre? I have just had a visit from Esher Wagner - you

WR Rodgers
1972 Jul 25th
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