• To Boyd


44 Wellington Square, Oxford. 14th May 1943

Dear Boyd, I am at present in England and will be here for some time. I got your letter only to-day so you will understand the delay in answering it. At the moment I haven't anything new that would suit the proposed anthology. But you may certainly reprint SONG Incidentally there is a second part to this poem which has not been published yet. It's in a different vein, and quite good though perhaps emotionally you mightn't like it just so well. If you would care to have it also for the anthology you could write to my brother-in-law Wilfred Robinson at The Manse, Loughgall. Tell him he will find a copy of it, entitled SONG in a used envelope on the bookcase in my bedroom at home, or else lying about somewhere in the bedroom. Ask him to forward it to you. I hope the anthology is a success. With best wishes Yours Sincerely W.R.Rodgers

WR Rodgers
1943 May 14th
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