• To Boyd


Purkiss Farmhouse, Borley, Sudbury, Suffolk 18.1.59

John Boyd. Esq. B.B.C., Broadcasting House, Belfast

Dear John, Thank you for your note. I was sorry to seem so sticky about retaining the story but, for one thing. I had written it carefully and, for another, it would have been difficult at the last moment to change the script without spoiling it. Anyhow, all's well that ends well. I hope you found it a satisfactory broadcast. I wonder could you oblige me. I want one of those books of Orange songs with music that one used to be able to get in Smithfield, and I rather want to have it by next weekend. Do you think you could quickly get one and send it to me? And let me know the price? I'd be grateful. All good wishes Yours Bertie

WR Rodgers
1959 Jan 18th
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