• To Boyd


Rookery Farm, Ardleigh, Colchester, Essex.
Dear John, I'm indeed grateful to you for the trouble you took, and don't hesitate to wipe the tape if necessary. The trouble still is – as you know – that the place upsets me: too many ghosts around, but in time I'll get over that. I enclose Patrick Boyle's 'metal man' which he asked me to deliver to Mary O'Malley. I have, incidentally, read the story, and I say to myself, confusing life with letters (and I still think it a necessary confusion) that this is what comes of spending 17 years in the Ulster Bank in Ardara. However, pass it on to Mary and give her my respects for the work she's doing. My thanks to you. Yours W.R.Rodgers
P.S. If I left a pipe in your office, let me know.

WR Rodgers
1962 Aug 29th
Mary O'Malley
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