• To McCann


My dearest Mercy, My gratitude to you for your great and continuing kindness. I was too disturbed by everything to be explicit and I suppose I shouldn't have left Belfast in such haste. But I just had to leave and you were a darling for helping me so well. I'll write more fully, soon. This, though, is a cri du coeur. I think I left you a list of people whom Harden should see if she wants a part-time job. Did I, in the course of doing this, leave behind me a small pocket-style hard-cover red notebook – my address-book, very important to me? Also a smaller book of the same sort with Danish addresses in the back of it? Also a tiny blue diary (not so important)? I'm sending a note to Harden to the same effect to see if I left it anywhere in her company, but she may not answer me. Also a note to Bob McCall's secretary to see if I left them there; could you send me Peter Montgomery's home address Love to you both. Bertie.

WR Rodgers
1965 Sep 7th
Belfast, Danish
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