• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


the pond. In fact we practically shall buy it unless it turns out to have dry rot, woodworm or deathwatch beetle. Charles, who is now well over 6 foot, will probably stand most of the time bashing his head on the beams. The Royal College of Art and the elite of the brewers from Guinness down here have asked me to form an exhibition for them about the Pub of the Future: they said that they and the brewers had agreed I was the obvious man for the job. Is this double-edged? The only thing we know already about the situation is that it will contain mock-up bars which, in the T.V. phrase, will be 'practical', i.e. serving real drink. Do you agree with me that Bimba's hair is horrible? I think she chopped it off to oblige her German boyfriend who wanted to model her and said her hair impeded him. I'm afraid I remain Teutonophobe. Have just finished another chapter in my astrology book. Did you ever hear that the Egyptians kept the sacred baboon in their temples because at the equinoxes he pees bang on the hour for 24 hours? Love to you both, Louis.

Louis MacNeice
1962 May 16th
Dublin, Kinsale
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