• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


The British Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcasting House, London, W.1
Telegrams and cables: Broadcasts, Telex, London – International Telex: 22182
Telephone: Langham 4468

May 16th
Dear George and Mercy, Saw Denys Hawthorne yesterday who told me he's seen you. He also told me that Sam T. was now round the bend. Is that so? This is to confirm that I'll be going to Dublin about June 12th, standing by at the silly old Martello Tower on Saturday 16th, after which I'd like to come up to you if I may, either Sat. night or Sun. morning, leaving again for London on evening of Mon 18th. Would that be all right? I've forgotten by the way when it is in July you'll be in London yourselves. We shall be there till the end of July anyhow. By the way, it'll only be myself coming to Ireland as Charles has to be going to his crammer. Mary and I are thinking of buying a house – or rather 3 cottages run together (terribly, terribly olde) in a Hertfordshire village with stocks beside

Louis MacNeice
1962 May 16th
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