• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 5



"All?" said her mother.

"You're not to see him again, do you hear?" said her father.

"I'll see him if I want to." Sadie turned and opened the kitchen

"Come, you back here," roared her father.

She hesitated. Mr Jackson walked across to her. He put his hands
on her shoulder.

"You'll do what I tell you as long as you're living under my roof."

"I don't have to stay under your roof. I'm sixteen, going on 17 I can go if
I want to. You can't get the police to bring me back."

Mrs Jackson caught iat her breath. Sadie eased herself out of her
father's grasp and walked up the stairs. He made to follow her
but his wife said quietly,"Let her be, Jim. She's headstrong, you'll
only turn her against you."

Tommy closedshut the door. His mother sniffed and wiped her eyes with
the back of her hand.

"That girl needs taught a lesson," said Mr Jackson. Tommy had
never seen him so angry.

"I don';'t think there's anything into it, dDa," he said Tommy. "She just
met Kevin by chance."

"But what's she going to do now, that's what I'd like to know," said
his mother. "I hope she won't see him again. You go on a up and talk to her, Tommy. Maybe She'll often
listen to you." ,

Tommy went up the narrow staircasefound Sadie was sitting on her bed.
He closed the door of her room and sat down beside her.

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Police, Headstrong
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