• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 5



Granny McEvoy was almost stone deaf and got the whole story wrong so
Mrs Mullet gave up in despair. She had to put up with ten minutes
of the old woman telling her how her man had fought for the Ulster Volunteers
with the Specials at the time of the partitionof Ireland and escaped death
by inches.SheMrs Mullet had heard the story so often that she could have
retold it backwards.

"He was a real patriot," said Granny, gathering her shawl around k
her. "And now you're telling me we've got Micks living in this

"No, no, Granny, away ye go and get your cat. That wasn't what
I was saying at all."

Granny shuffled off calling for the cat. Mrs Mullet looked up the
street thinking it was time that Tommy and Linda were coming home.
The pictures would have finsihed half an hour ago at least.

AfterTommy and Linda came out of the cinema they went towere sitting in a cafe
and drinking coffee. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Linda had enjoyed the
film, she had had a good cry at one point, but Tommy had been bored.
He supposed that i was part of the price you had to pay when you took
a girl out. He liked taking Linda out. She could be very soft and
sweet, and it was nice to sit in the cimema holding her hand.

"Here's Steve," said Linda.

Steve was Tommy's friend from schooldays. He was rather keen on
Sadie but she said he bored her, he had no imagination. It was seldom
that she went out more than twice with any boy.

"Can I join you?" said Steve

"Sure." Tommy pulled up a chair.

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