• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 5



"Fine. "

There was a further silence and then Tommy said,"How’s Brede?"


"Tell her I was asking afterfor her."

"I will." Kevin scuffed his foot against the edge of the kerb.
"Well, I suppose I'd better be going. Nice to see you again, Tommy."
He nodded at Linda. "Good night, Sadie."

"Good night, Kevin." said Sadie

He walked quickly away.

"He'd need to walk fast in case any of our boys goet the hold of
him," said Linda.

"You shut up, Linda Mullet," said Sadie.

"hy Why should I shut Up?" demanded Linda.

"Stop itPack it in, both of you," said Tommy.

"You don't seem to care that your sister's been consorting with a
Mickey." Linda tossed her head. Tommy knew he had nettled her by
sending his regards to Brede.

"Let's go home, " he said. They began to walkAs they came down the street, they
saw the shape of Mrs Mullet outlined in her lit doorway. "And don't
you say anything to your motherMa, Linda."

"I'll say what I like."

"If Iyou do you won't see me again."

"That'll gi make her pausestop to think," said Sadie. "She doesn't
want to lose hold of you now that she's got her claws into you."

Linda flew at Sadie. Tommy separated them. "For heaven's sake,
cut it out!" He cursed Sadie under his breath. She had the devil

Joan Lingard
Mullet, Devil
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