• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 5



in her at times.

Mrs Mullet crossed the street. "What's going on here?"

"Nothing, Mrs Mullet," said Tommy.

"We were just fooling aroundcoddin', Mrs Mullet," said Sadie with false
sweetness in her voice.

Linda was quiet. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Are you wanting to come in forWhat about coming in. Would you like a cup of tea?" asked Mrs
Mullet. "I've one on the gas now."

"No thanks," said Tommy. "I've to be up for my work in the morning."

"See you tomorrow, Tommy?" said Linda.

"AyeAye. Good night."

He and Sadie left Linda and her mother. When they heard the
Mullets' door shut, Sadie said, "There's times when I could spit in that woman's eye.
at times. And what you see in Linda I'll never know]"

"Oh give over, Sadie," said Tommy wearily, feeling he had had
enough of women for one day. "Think You'd think you might have
learned it's better to keep your motuhuthshut. at times"

"Easier you mean. Not the same thing"You're all for a quiet

"You're in a real aggressive mood."

She shrugged and then said, "I'm getting ready for the storm.
I've no doubt that Linda has brought the news home about Kevin and

The storm broke as soon as they came into the kitchen. Sadie
stood with her head up listening to her mother's tirnade. At the end
of it she said, "All I've done is go for a walk with aboy."

Joan Lingard
Aggressive, Tirade
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