• Letters to Stanford


No. 27 P.C.

11 Oct 77
replied. 14th Oct

My dear Derek,

Thanks for yrs of 8th.

Agree with you about the need for very
self-pity. Still on reduced diet
but it will prob take some weeks before my
masochism produces a fall in avoirdupois.

Note what your say about Kimber’s and hope
you get good news from them. Also yr idea for
a novella. Can understand you don’t want to do
a hell of a lot of work without some initial
encouragement from a publisher. That may be
why poetry writing is more popular. However much
one works on a poem, the time/energy doesn’t
compare with working on even a short book.

Kay very kindly sent me x paperback and
hardback copies of THEY. A most interesting
piece xxxxof work. She of course took the hard way
of full-time writing which must be enough to
drive even the well-balanced near to suicide.
So glad that things are now working out for her.
Prize from S.E.Arts as well as simultaneous
pubn of the 2 edns. Let’s hope reviewers are

Just been asked for permission to have my
"Fox Visits the New China" read by an actor at
Matchlight Poetry ("Black Bull" ,Fulham Rd.) on
this coming Thursday. Eileen Warren,who runs
this venture,saw xxthe poem in NEW POETRY. I’ve
been to one Matchlight evening and it had a
packed house. She runs it in a different way xxx
from most poetry readings — actors mainly do the
reading and she has a duplicated programme.

1977 Oct 11th
Publisher, New Poetry
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