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36 h p m

My dear Derek,
Thanks for picture card of Damas.
Sorry to hear gas dispute has hit City Lit. Fotunately my activities have not been affected – so far. I feel very sorry for people affected by the train strike cum go-slow. It’s sort of a war of nerves, neither a strike nor normal working. You can guess what elements are behind it. There’s a Commie at my branch who keeps handing out leaflets, organising meetings etc. – ostensibly to help his fellow-teachers. I wonder…It would be interesting to know what Brigadier Kitson and similar military men are planning. If the Commies don’t bring it off eventually , the Army will probably be forced to take over as in Greece. Looks as if ‘democracy’ is on the way out. But that is in the long-term.
Group 36 is flourishing. People who are interested in doing something do it, despite the obstacles. I am hoping that some of the

1973 Mar 14th
Communist, Greece
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