• Boyd Letters


Professor Dodds

22nd June 1978

Professor E. R. Dodds,
Cromwell's house,
Old Farston,

Dear bodes,

Yes, they did include that silly shot of undergraduates
drinking champagne. They should, of course, have
respected your wishes as the clip was completely out
of context. However, BBC Directors tend to think of
themselves as Moguls.

If you would like to read one of my plays here is
THE FLATS, which i wrote, some years ago. It is my most
popular play, but I don't think it my best. I haven't
read it since 1 wrote it, so I don't now whether it
makes good reading. I do know that it makes good

We are all very tired of the almost daily assassinations,
but what can we do! I envy you Oxford.

By the way, did you ever come across an old friend
of mine called Jack Kells, who was Reader in Classics
in London University.

With best wishes,

(John Boyd)

John Boyd
1978 Jun 22nd
Oxford, University
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