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Professor John Braidwood contd - 2 - 22.1.76

H. G. is an all-round man of the theatre - founder, administrator, director
actor. In addition he has greatly encouraged young dramatists whose work
has shown promise; he has also given work and advancement to young actors.
In all, his contribution to drama both locally and further afirld, has seen

If you require a few dates (and more detail) I suggest you consult
The Ulster Theatre by Sam Hanna Bell. It is in Queen's library.

Someone like J. J. Campbell probably knows a great aeai mo.e about H.G.
than I do. Or Ronald Mason, head of programmes in the BBC.

Hope the above is of some help.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

(John doya)

Professor John Braidvood,
Department of English,
The Queen's University,
Belfast 9

John Boyd
1976 Jan 22nd
Sam Hanna Bell
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