• Boyd Letters


From: John Boyd,

28 Rosetta Avenue,
Belfast 7,

horchern Ireland

25th June 1973

1 understanf from Mrs. Fidelma Donnelly
that you were in Dublin recently and saw my play
'The Flats' at the Eblana theatre. Mrs, Donnelly
told me that you would be interested in having
it translated into French, If this is so, I
should be very pleased indeed.

Your name has been very familiar to me
for many years - indeed ever since Transition
days, I am of course a student of my great
countryman, James Joyce.

I hope you enjoyed 'The Flats' it is a
play which has had a remarkable reception in
Belfast, Derry, and Dublin, and it is being
presented at the Limerick festival in mid-

I am very grateful to you for your interest,
and if you would like me to forward a script
I shall do so. As a matter of fact I was
planning to visir paris in early September, and
should be very glad to have an opportunity of
meeting you.

Yours sincerely,

Mme. Jolas,
106 Bis Rue de Rennes,
Paris 5ieme.

John Boyd
1973 Jun 25th
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