• Boyd Letters


28th June, 1957.

Dear Dorothy,

It was very good of you to write and to send me your
two scripts. I am looking forward to reading them both.

To-day I am going off on a holiday to Donegal and so
there may be a delay before I return them to you. I was
very sorry that your stay here was not longer and that I
hadn't an opportunity of taking you into the country.
Another time. Elisabeth read "The Street" and told me to
tell you that she enjoyed it very much indeed. I
wish your publisher would reprint it.

It will be good to get away from broadcasting for a
month - Donegal is so remote taht I don't expect there
will be many wireless sets about. I hope to have a
lesisurely time reading a little and bathing.

Mrs. Dorothy Baker,
Rothwell House,


John Boyd
1957 Jun 28th
Donegal, London
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