• Boyd Letters


16 Dunluce Avenue,

28 May, 1958.

Dear John:

Dr. Ian Leslie passed to me your copy letter of the
entries referring to Irish Drama in the Great Soviet
Encyclopedia. I have made some corrections in pencil.

I see in the covering letter from the Deputy Chief Editor,
Mr. L. Shaumyan, that he would like comments, corrections
and additions. I wish I had time to do this job in the
interests of accurate scholarship, but I haven’t. It
would take at least a week’s work. However, my comment
is this: I think the encyclopedia is completely out of
date and inaccurate so far as Irish Drama is concerned.
This really will not do. It is slipshod and unworthy of
Soviet scholarship. I think you should pass these com-
ments to Mr. Shaumyan. If at any time in the future you
would like a contribution to this work of reference; I
should be glad to do it provided I am given time and
clearly told what is wanted.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


John Warren Esq.,
137 Carmeen Drive,

John Boyd
1958 May 28th
Drama, Soviet
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