• Boyd Letters


26th June 1957.

Dear Theo,

I was glad to hear that you are still alive and to judge
from your note you have at last recovered from the dreadful
mauling the B.B.C. gave you! I gladly do what you ask and I
must apologise for not having thought of the half dozen copies
before. You should have these copies and the the six copies
of voulume 2 within the next couple of days.

I gather that both series are selling quite steadily
but I have no figures to hand yet. I envy you going off to
Strasbourg: I am going off to Donegal - a better place. I
saw Bertie Rodgers last week and he was in fine fettle - a
little sad perhaps. I also ran into Leslie McCracken yesterday in
Smithfield and had a long yarn with him. He is very pleased
about his book.

I went down to Dublin about a month ago, just to see
the French company doing Molliere but had to scurry up North
immediately. The journey was well worth while: I expect
you saw this company.

All Kinf regards,

Talks Producer,N.I.Region

Professor T. Moody,
14 Healthfield Road,


John Boyd
1957 Jun 26th
Rodgers, Producer
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