• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


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August 6th
Dear George, in haste. Just leaving for Yorkshire to record nasty noises in caves (for my next radio play). It looks now as if I shall be coming over with Charles about 23rd August and – if we can hire a car conveniently and not too expensively in Belfast – we would come via the North, possibly spending the first night with P. Fallon (who pressed this on me in Dublin) and then on to you (if that's convenient?), when we really talk the road, I've got it all pretty well mapped out except for our first night over the Border – Bundoran way. Somebody told me James Boyce knows all the reasonable pubs to stay at in that direction. If this is true, I'd be very grateful for any tips about such. Much love to you both, Louis.

Louis MacNeice
1963 Aug 6th
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