• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


10 Regent's Park Terrace, N.W.1.
November 12th
Dear Mercy and George, Thank you very much for the cheque and other communication via pressing old Hartinson. Your man Emmerson rang me up but I can't possibly come to Ireland before next year as I'm very behind hand with my astrology book, the publishers of which have become very nasty. My worst enemy among them has just gone to Israel for the rest of this month and I only hope they'll make him a slave in a Kibbutz or whatever it's called. It seems we still have of yours one pair earrings and one anthology of verse. Steps will be taken to return these. Your last 2 small hours lad, Pat Magee, is away filing in Yugoslavia and showering everyone in the George

Louis MacNeice
1962 Nov 12th
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