• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


The British Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcasting House. London. W.1
Telephone: Welbeck 4468 Telegrams: Broadcasts, London Broadcasts, Telex, London

Sept 26th
Dear George, Thank you very much for your letter. I take a very poor view of your K.A.R.I project. If you want a change of scene (which seems very understandable) there must be more agreeable jobs going either in England or overseas. I've mentioned your wish for a change to Jack Dillion, thinking that you might take a B.B.C. job going round collecting stories for programmes like Country Magazine. He says there are no such vacancies before the New Year but there might be then. If so, would you like to apply? We might very well swing it. They'd probably offer you a rather miserable salary but there are such things here as expenses sheets. Working for Jack is great fun and you'd obviously do it very well as the main qualification is getting on with the fellows in the public bar. You'd be based in London, so Mercy could easily get a job too if she wanted one. The words of the Big Rock Candy Mountains

Louis MacNeice
1962 Sep 26th
B.B.C, Essex
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