• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


Mary has broadcasts in the week before. Charles (no doubt rightly) is apprehensive at the prospect of coming to Ireland with me without her!//(Nextday) A)Mary has just got a booking for Tuesday 24th April, so we couldn't leave at the earliest before that evening, B) Karl Miller, my old young chum on the Statesman, wants me to write a piece about Dublin for him (which would mean fare, fee and a few expenses) so I think I'll be coming over around match time anyway. If all three of us come, what we might do is come to Belfast after the match on Saturday evening and stay till Monday with you? I'm not quite sure how we'll amuse Charles in Belfast apart from playing table tennis in the B.B.C. club. Any ideas? I'm going back on my six months off soon, so the programme I've just recorded will be my last for some time – The Mad Islands (cast mainly Irish). It goes out at 8:30 from next Wednesday. You might like it. Love to both, Louis.

Louis MacNeice
1962 Mar 29th
Kinsale, Dublin
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