• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


The British Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcasting House, London, W.1
Telegrams and cables: Broadcasts, Telex, London – International Telex: 22182
Telephone: Langham 4468

Jan 29th
Dear George and Mercy, Please forgive me for not having written before to thank you for the nice Postal Order. Things have been a bit hectic: Mary's son (who has grown 8 inches in a year) suddenly got glandular fever and they're both still stuck down in the country with the grandparents who're not exactly fighting fit either. So I'm being a grass widower and Bimba, who'd hardly boiled an egg till the other day, is teaching herself a) basic shopping, b) basic cookery. I shall be going to the England-Ireland match at Twickenham, having got some ground tickets. But if you hear of any stand seats going, I'd jump at them. Not that I think

Louis MacNeice
1962 Jan 29th
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