• Letters to George and Mercy McCann


sent me a letter through Patience all about girls (by the way here is a 20/- postal order which my pal in Pennsylvania sent me, for Patience.) Miss Potter, it seems, is a bit depressed being so cut off from civilisation. She wrote asking my plans but unfortunately I don't know what they are as yet. I may get an offer to stay over here which, H. M. grant willing, I should probably be pleased to accept. But I guess I should still come back this summer, If I was going to be here for some time, I should like to bring Dan over but I don't quite know how.

O hell, someone is now playing cherries in one of the college towers (this, I am told, is the university Eric Linklater put into Juan in America.) The great thing about the students here is they're not shy; they tell you all about the poems they wrote at puberty and how they showed them to their mothers.

If you go to London, I suggest

Louis MacNeice
1939 Feb 29th
Romania, London
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