• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 10



banging of the drums. People came out of their doorways on to the
pavement to watch. Everyone loved a parade, even though it was a
commonplace enough event in a country such as this. An Orange Lodge
was getting ready for the ’Twelfth'. In front came the drum majorettes
stepping high, knees up, each girl in time to the music and in
step with one anther. They wore short red skirts and white boots
and twirled short sticks in their hands. once she had been
a drum majorette; it had been one of her main ambitions when she was
small to walk in the big parade.

The procession drew level. SheSadie stood still. too There was
nothing wrong with/a parade, music in the street, but it depended on
what it was for.

She saw Steve walking at the back. He winked as he passedwhen he saw her. Not
a muscle of her face moved. WhenBy the time the procession had passed she had
made up her mind.

Joan Lingard
Sticks, Steve
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