• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 10



I met Sadie's friend in the shop so I brought her round."

Tommy continued to stare at Brede.

"Who is it, Tommy?" Mrs Jackson called from within.

"Friend of Sadie's," Tommy called back^, pulling the door to behind him. He looked at Mrs Mullet.
"Thanks then, Mrs Mullet." he said.

She was dismissed. She took her time todid not hurry across the street, and
when she reached the opposite pavement her shoe came off a and she
had to spend considerable time putting it on.

"What is it, Brede?" Tommy spoke quietly, a frown creasing his

"I haven't come to cause trouble," she said.

"I know that. Don't be sillydaft. It's nice to see you."But you're very pale"

"I wantAnd you." She smiled. "But I came to see Sadie. I must. Is she in?"

Tommy nodded. "She's upstairs getting ready to go out. You've just
caught her. I fancythink she's going to meet Kevin, but I don't know.

"She is. That's why I want to speak to her."

"Wait here. I'll get her."

Brede stood in close to the houses, aware that the Mullets
netlace curtain was being held back and two pairs of eyes were watching
her. Sadie came quickly.

"What's up Brede?" she asked.

"Can we go somewhere? Somewhere we can talk."

Sadie pulled the door shut behind her, and together they walked up
the street.

"Your neighbours are watching," said Brede.

Sadie turned and waved at the Mullets house. The netlace curtain

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