• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 10



"Is he all right?”

"More or less. Mr Kelly found him lying outside the scrapyard
late last night. He was unconscious. Mr Kelly called an ambulance
and they look him to hospital.”

"Is he/there now?"

"They let him home this morning.”

"Was it because of me, Brede? Was it?”

"Yes, I think so.” Brede’s voice was scarcely audibly. Her
eyes were unhappy.

"Who did it?”

"There were three of them. One was Brian Rafferty. He used to be
Kevin's freind."

"Three of them! Coawards! If I got my hands on them!”

"They’d do the same to you."

Sadie finished her coffee with one gulp. "Did he ask you to come
and tell me?”

"No. He doesn't know I’m here. He's going out to meet you, Sadie
I know it.” Brede raised her eyes to Sadie's. "He'll not let you
down. But I've come to ask you not to meet him.”

"But that uould mean I’d be letting him down,” cried Sadie.

"But you don't want him to be beaten up again, do you?”

Joan Lingard
Beaten up
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