• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 10



"That’s nice." Brede moistened her lips, wishing her that her
throat was not as dry and her heart not beatingthumping quite so loudly.

Mrs Mullet tripped across the road on her spiky heels, Brede
finding difficulty toin walking slowly enough to stay with her.

"Is it far?" she asked.

"Just the next street."

The next street! Why couldn't the woman have said so and saved
her all this waste of tiem. Of course she knew very well why. Mrs
Mullet was determined to find out as much as she could in the few
yards available.

"Don't come from round here,do you?"


"Known the Jacksons long?"

"No. "

"Is it Sadie you're looking for?"


"Work with her, do you?"

Brede tipped her head, as if in assent. They passed a mural of
King William astride his white horse, with Remember 1690 written
belwow. This must be the house.

Mrs Mullet took her round the corner and rang the bell.

"Please don't bother," said Brede.

"No trouble." Mrs Mullet pushed open the doorx and called out,
"Anyone in? Iit You've got a visitor."

It was Tommy who came to the door. He looked at Brede and then at Mrs Mullet.

Joan Lingard
King William, 1690
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